Building a law firm from a set of beliefs that resonates with business

  • Posted By: Nigel Evans
  • September 26, 2018
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When we started Aptum, we wanted to create a law firm that held true to a core set of beliefs. Those beliefs were formed after decades of practising law in top tier law firms and at the Bar.  Our beliefs that led to the creation of Aptum at the beginning of the year were based around the following principles:

  • That clients can resolve disputes more effectively if they partnered with a law firm that values and delivers transparency, project management, and a focus on outcomes and value;
  • That high-quality legal advice can be provided in an efficient, proportionate and accessible way;
  • That through a culture of innovation and using technology we can find new ways to practise the law more effectively and make it accessible to our clients; and
  • That we can create a culture that is supportive of lawyers to balance their passion for the law and the other passions they have in their life.

Our overwhelming belief was that we could deliver a better, more effective way for clients to resolve disputes and we could provide a better, more rewarding culture for lawyers.

Embodying your beliefs into a business model and letting the market decide if it values them too can be nerve wracking.  Thankfully, we are delighted that Aptum has been embraced by our many clients and the talented lawyers who have decided to join us. The feedback we are getting is that our model resonates with business because it is profound in its simplicity. It just makes sense.

It makes sense to our clients that they are able to manage their legal disputes in a way that is consistent with how they run their business – efficient, cost effective, well managed and outcomes focussed.  Disputes are part of running a business and an approach that recognises this is well overdue.  It makes sense to our clients because the process is transparent, they are a true partner in the legal strategy and the cost reflects the value to the client of the projected outcomes.

It makes sense that law firms embrace the digital economy and harness technology to drive innovations, efficiencies and enable accessibility. The law does not have a reputation for embracing technology and this needs to change.

It also makes sense that people want to work at a law firm that is both passionate about the law and believes in access and equity for people needing to resolve a dispute.  It is empowering to find a better way to help clients and for clients to feel in control of their matter.  It also makes sense that lawyers see themselves as more than a cog in a wheel and want to balance their career with a fulfilling life made up of career, family and friends and the many pursuits of life.

Nearly 8 months after starting Aptum, we are more committed to our core beliefs than ever. And we are increasingly confident that others share those beliefs too.

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