Mia Basic Becomes Aptum’s Business Development Manager

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Mia Basic, former Commercial Litigation Lawyer at Aptum, has become the firm’s Business Development Manager. This is a new position at Aptum, recognising Aptum’s commitment to exploring new opportunities for growth and engagement. In her new role, Mia is using her commercial and legal experience to develop and maintain relationships with like-minded businesses to support Aptum’s growth, whilst also contributing to the ongoing improvement of processes that support the experience of Aptum’s clients.

Mia explains, “The primary objective for me in this role is to investigate and to identify opportunities to work with businesses with similar values to Aptum. Having experience as a lawyer, it’s helpful to be able to put myself in the shoes of the client and understand what they need along the way – the guidance, information and resources to achieve their legal outcomes and commercial objectives in their disputes.”

After several years as a Commercial Litigation Lawyer with a focus on achieving outcomes through to trial, Mia has earned a sense for what businesses need from their litigation lawyer. Mia has been involved in complex litigation since she started with Aptum two and a half years ago, acquiring important experience through playing a key role in many significant projects. Mia’s evolution to Business Development follows her enthusiasm for advocating new approaches to commercial litigation.

“When I started at Aptum, I spent close to three months preparing for, and instructing at a trial on one of my first projects. After that I started preparing for the next trial; and then the next – running three complex, back-to-back trials in quick succession. I soon got past the nerves of being in a courtroom with some of the best QCs in Australia, brilliant lawyers, and a very commercially astute judge who wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. I gained a really solid appreciation for litigation strategy – what gets results, and what is just spreading yourself unnecessarily thin without advancing your client’s objectives.”

Mia joined Aptum within a year of its inception, playing a significant role in the firm’s growth. Since then, Mia has become an advocate for how Aptum’s model achieves more effective outcomes and creates a better experience for clients involved in litigation.

“I started to recognise when I was talking about Aptum – our approach, the complex issues we were dealing with, our values and the team – I was really passionate about it. People were interested and wanted to know more about the value of Aptum’s different model, and I could speak to Aptum’s values from experience.

“I saw the way that clients and other stakeholders benefitted from those values and what we were looking to achieve. When the BD opportunity arose, I was excited to promote what I know about how litigation can be done better, and where there is still space for growth.”

In developing commercial relationships, Mia’s expertise includes looking to connect businesses in disputes to the skillsets and knowledge required at each stage of the litigation process. This involves knowing when to draw on other key stakeholders to drive disputes towards resolution.

“Something I’ve gained through my experience is recognising the importance of collaborative relationships to achieving outcomes in litigation. Solicitors can overlook the importance of working with accountants, advisers, and other experts – knowing when to call on those other skillsets for better results. My goal is to listen, understand and ask the right questions so that I can work with the best available resources to help clients effectively achieve their objectives.”

Mia is relishing the opportunity to meaningful engage with like-minded businesses in a range of industries, but also recognises the challenge of changing perceptions in a market already saturated by traditional legal perspectives.

“The ability to relate to people in a wide variety of industries has been satisfying. It’s been rewarding to be able to have these people immediately relate to Aptum’s way of working.

“One challenge has been noticing that a lot of people have existing relationships with lawyers and don’t necessarily realise that there are alternatives out there. There is almost a notion that every litigation firm operates the same way. I also understand that people can be nervous to explore alternatives if they don’t know how to evaluate the success of their current option. But I think this poses a really exciting opportunity for Aptum to stand out. We have a strong record of positive results, so now it’s about listening carefully to ensure we continue to deliver excellence and getting the message out to help people understand that real alternatives exist.”

If you want to contact Mia directly, the best way to reach her is by phone on (03) 7020 9235, otherwise she can be reached via email at mia@aptumlegal.com.au

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