Nigel Evans

Director at Aptum Legal

What does Aptum do?

We help clients resolve complex commercial disputes. Although our firm is new, collectively, we‘ve been helping clients resolve complex commercial disputes for more than 30 years.

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Aptum turns 1

Last month Aptum quietly (ok, there was a little noise) marked its first anniversary. It’s been a fantastic start for Aptum.

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Building a law firm from a set of a beliefs that resonates with business.

When we started Aptum, we wanted to create a law firm that held true to a core set of beliefs.

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Talented lawyers demand opportunity for fresh thinking

David Mason is one of our senior lawyers at Aptum Legal.

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Legal disputes are not a values free zone

The Age this weekend ran a story on the treatment of a former employee involved in a dispute with the ANZ Bank in New York.

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Value: am I getting it from my litigation lawyer?

Every director or general counsel responsible for managing litigation is tasked with achieving better outcomes for less.

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