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The motivation to give clients a greater voice when involved in a dispute

One of my biggest motivations in working with clients to resolve their legal disputes is to involve them in the matter and find the best solution to their problem. One of our core beliefs at Aptum is that lawyers need to listen to their clients and actively involve them in the dispute. After all, it is their dispute that we are helping to resolve. Unfortunately this can be forgotten in the legal process when egos take over. We know our clients have a lot to offer and have opinions and ideas that can make an invaluable contribution to how the dispute gets resolved. 

Collaboration is not just about customer experience – it helps build a stronger case. Our customers are typically sophisticated people, running significant businesses or portfolios and have ideas and opinions they want to share. They are unaccustomed to being kept on the side-line. They are actively involved in most aspects of their business, so it is logical that they would also be actively involved in their legal disputes, especially when the implications are significant for their business or them as individuals.

We have built collaboration into our work processes at Aptum, getting all the information, ideas and opinions up front in a planning session so we can map out the right approach for the client, with more certainty over process and cost. Given our size, we have found we can be agile, pulling in the right expertise to advise on a matter in our planning phase and throughout the matter. We are not held back by bureaucracy or silos – they don’t exist.

This all supports a better way of doing things. In traditional law firms, there is often way one of doing things which gets repeated year in year out. There is little room to innovate and you are taught to be risk averse and to unquestioningly follow the same process. 

For me, the personal satisfaction of bringing fresh thinking and a personal approach to our work place is immense and is what many of us felt was missing in our careers until now. It is one of the main reasons we started Aptum in the first place. Our philosophy is helping us grow, and as we grow, we are determined to hold true to it.

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