David Wells

+ Chief Value Officer

David is a legal industry thought leader. Prior to joining Aptum, David was the managing principal at a mid-sized Melbourne practice for over 13 years. David has led operational transformations from time and resource-based with value-based pricing, helping to narrow the focus of the firm to suit its expertise and positioning strategy. Prior to this, David spent 23 years as a partner and consultant specialising in commercial dispute resolution.

David views professionals as technicians who care – believing that lawyers should focus on offering services that clients really value—their intellectual capital, the ability to listen carefully, the great questions they ask and the way they develop strategy and solutions. This is one of the philosophies that has seen David’s career evolve from dispute resolution expert to professional leader committed to delivering strategic change.

David’s deep experience is synthesised with an understanding of when Aptum is the right fit for clients and the value we can create and deliver. As Chief Value Officer, David is an asset for Aptum and our clients—helping us develop sustainable relationships built on expertise, value, trust and integrity.

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