Eileen Nguyen

+ Executive Lawyer

Eileen has spent her entire career – spanning more than 10 years at Slater & Gordon – handling commercial disputes, ranging from contract disputes for large organisations to helping farmers receive compensation in complex disputes.

In addition to her in-depth subject matter expertise, Eileen’s experience is demonstrated through her prowess in the litigation process – being guided by refined skills in targeted research, negotiation, and managing the factors beyond legal position that influence outcomes for clients.

To augment these skills, Eileen is committed to innovation, applying a methodical and systems perspective to help filter complex situations down to what is important for the objectives at hand. Eileen’s technology knowledge makes her vital asset for the continuous improvement of Aptum’s project management system. She is a strong advocate for using technology platforms as a tool to help clients navigate dispute resolution with greater ease and clarity.

This ambition for making the law a simpler and more accessible environment is in tune with Eileen’s empathy and warmth, and is just one of the ways she is contributing to Aptum’s vision to make a meaningful impact in the commercial litigation space.

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