Julie Chen

Project Manager

Julie has more than a decade of experience working in litigation through the Victorian Courts and Tribunals, and WorkSafe’s Legal & Governance Division.  Managing administrative and quasi-legal functions in her previous roles as a registrar and paralegal, Julie is a well-rounded organiser of complex disputes.

Through working in high-pressure environments, Julie has developed an ability to identify the risks and priorities for clients facing difficult legal disputes.  In matters where circumstances can change quickly, Julie brings confidence and comfort to the process for clients, knowing when to provide updates and offering genuine care.  During her time at the Courts and Tribunals, Julie received multiple awards for her excellence in client service.

Having also worked in events management prior to joining the law, working on many high-profile events, Julie’s planning and coordination skills enable her to plan for known and unknown factors.  As a project manager in litigation, Julie focuses on the small but purposeful actions required to meet important deadlines and objectives.

With recent experience researching and analysing legislative reform, Julie joined Aptum to work amongst leading tax experts with the flexible attitude of applying best practices, and to help others take on the most complex legal issues.

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