Matt Bolitho

+ Commercial Operations Manager

Matt brings a unique focus on elite performance to Aptum. With experience professional sport administration management, Matt has been vital in optimising the way organisations operate.

Through the fast-paced, competitive environments, Matt’s mentality for growth is driven by the greater goals of an organisation, compacted into week-on-week strategies for individual and collective improvement. Matt connects his approach to team optimisation across Aptum to help lawyers achieve better litigation outcomes for clients, with the firm belief that individuals rise to their habits but teams fall to their systems.

In recent years Matt has been pivotal in the establishment and management of North Melbourne’s AFLW team. This background in cultivating trailblazing organisations, amongst traditional peers, aligns with Aptum’s ambition for evolving outdated industry practices.

Matt’s industry-agnostic skills in developing commercial partnerships, acquiring and developing talent, and promoting long term engagement with clients make him a vital Aptum person. As Commercial Operations Manager, Matt applies global best practice operations management to Aptum’s modernised approach to commercial litigation.

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