Mia Basic

+ Business Development Manager

Having spent years as a commercial litigation lawyer with a focus on achieving outcomes through to trial, Mia earned an ingenuity for what businesses need from their litigation lawyer. Mia understands how to prioritise and strategise client interests in complex litigation (too often hearing the approach, ‘We’ll get to the next stage and see what happens’), and the qualities of law firms that most effectively deliver on these interests.

This experience inspired Mia’s progression to becoming a proponent for the Aptum model, with values, processes and technology that most naturally resonate with commercial people: specialist expertise, pricing alternatives that align lawyer-client interests, risk assessment processes that focus resources, and a project management system that promotes transparency and avoids duplication.

Adopting a future-thinking approach as Business Development Manager, Mia investigates, develops and maintains relationships with like-minded businesses to support Aptum’s continued growth, and contributes to the ongoing improvement of processes that support the experience of Aptum’s clients.

Mia’s grasp of litigation strategy enables her to connect businesses to skillsets and knowledge required by each stage of the litigation process. This includes knowing when to draw on internal and external stakeholders (be that accountants, officers, barristers, and other experts) to drive disputes towards resolution. Mia’s pragmatic sense for collaboration makes her a formidable legal and commercial advisor.

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