We believe if you get the culture of a law firm right, and you live and breathe it, everyone benefits.

Underpinning our approach at Aptum is our Culture Code. We believe if you get the culture of a law firm right, and you live and breathe it, everyone benefits.

We are always respectful.

We cherish and nurture relationships.

We are open, honest and constructive.

We collaborate.

We are fixated on outcomes.

We always ask why and obsess about finding better alternatives.

We love the law and take our professional obligations seriously.

We have developed a unique platform based on four fundamental principles. Calling on our extensive experience with clients and research into best practice, we believe our methodology sets us apart and directly addresses the significant shortcomings currently experienced by clients involved in litigation and insolvency matters.

In a nutshell, this is what you can expect from us:

Exceptional advice

Our first priority is always providing the highest quality legal advice, delivered with clarity and precision. That is why our team has extensive experience in managing large scale, complex commercial and tax disputes and insolvency matters and significant academic success. We nurture and retain the best.

Value based pricing

We offer fixed, proportionate, value based pricing tailored to each matter. Time is not a measure of value. We ensure our price is based on the value that clients see in our service, enabling us to focus on outcomes, not process. Our approach to pricing is supported by our project management capabilities and constant drive to seek out alternative and collaborative approaches, appropriate and proportionate to the value of the project.

Project Management

We employ a tailored project management methodology to improve efficiency, certainty and open communication and to ensure all work is carried out using the most appropriate and cost-effective resources. The key tenet of our project management approach is an early assessment of each matter designed to identify alternative approaches and opportunities for collaboration and allow us to map out with our clients the best way forward to achieving their goals.


Collaboration brings new perspectives, highlights alternative approaches and creates better and more efficient outcomes. We collaborate extensively internally, with our clients and referrers, and through the engagement of suitably qualified and experienced third party providers.

We also work closely with our clients to best integrate our services into their internal processes to maximise efficiencies and minimise any business disruptions which can result from litigation.

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