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With experience working with property stakeholders from tenants to commercial investors, Aptum has the specialist expertise to handle even the most complex property disputes.

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How can Aptum help?

Property involves many stakeholders from planning, development, maintenance, through to sale, which can give rise to a range of disputes.

Aptum has extensive experience representing clients in a deep breadth of property disputes, including: property development; commercial lending for property investment and development; joint venture disputes; commercial and retail leases; contracts for the sale of land; easements; rights of carriageway; and other interests in land.

Our expertise in financial services and commercial litigation provides an essential complement to the types of issues that arise in disputes involving property investment and development.

Aptum and its team have acted on behalf of landlords, tenants, developers, and investors, finding practical solutions to complex disputes, and putting in place strategies to avoid future conflict.

What Makes Aptum Different

Specialist expertise

An exclusive focus on commercial and tax disputes.

Legal intelligence framework

Practical, ongoing risk assessment to focus on the essential.

Project management framework

Routine documented strategy through custom project management.

Case Study

A development company refusing to sell

An individual purchased a plot of land in suburban Melbourne with a family member. Following a disagreement, the family member sold their interest in the land to a development company.

Through this sale, an agreement was struck to subdivide the land into separate lots for sale, but a dispute arose about how tax would be treated through the sales. The individual made an application to VCAT under its exclusive jurisdiction of ownership disputes, seeking an order that the property be sold.

The development company attempted to have the claim dismissed on the basis that there was a joint venture agreement and that VCAT could not make the order that the individual was asking for. VCAT decided in favour of the individual, making the orders to enable the sale and how tax was to be treated.

When the development company appealed this decision to the Supreme Court, the matter was resolved following mediation.

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Emma Soulsby Practice and Projects Manager
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