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Former ATO lawyers helping you navigate the ATO’s debt recovery powers and achieve commercially viable resolutions.

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The ATO and SRO can identify additional tax liabilities following an audit of you or your company.

To recover this debt, the ATO and SRO have an armoury of tools they can use to escalate debt recovery proceedings against you, depending on your circumstances and their assessment of the risk to the revenue.

Aptum can act for you in any debt recovery proceedings or actions instituted against you.

Our tax disputes leaders are former managers of the ATO’s debt litigation department.  Our senior lawyers have extensive experience litigating debt recovery cases and formal examinations on behalf of the ATO.

Aptum are uniquely positioned to identify your risks, defend any recovery actions against you and put you on pathway to achieving the best possible resolution of your tax debt.

How can Aptum help?

Aptum can assist with your defence to debt recovery actions from the ATO and SRO, including:

  • Garnishee Notices which are typically targeted to your bank accounts, employer or any debtors you may have, and requires them to pay any amounts they owe to you directly to the ATO or SRO
  • Director Penalty Notices which allows the ATO to personally recover from you unpaid company debts (PAYG withholding liabilities, superannuation or GST) of which you are a director
  • Statutory demands, which are a precursor to winding up applications against your company
  • Bankruptcy notices, which are a precursor to creditor’s petitions or bankruptcy proceedings
  • Formal notices requiring you to give information or submit to a formal interview
  • Notices requiring you to give security in respect of a tax liability or an anticipated tax liability (also known as Security Bond Demands)
  • Freezing orders, which are orders restraining you, and sometimes third parties, from dealing with certain assets otherwise you may be held to be in contempt
  • Declaratory relief that assets held by a third party (such as your husband or wife) are beneficially owned by you
  • Prosecution of criminal proceedings

What Makes Aptum Different

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An exclusive focus on commercial and tax disputes.

Legal intelligence framework

Practical, ongoing risk assessment to focus on the essential.

Project management framework

Routine documented strategy through custom project management.

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