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Experienced in disputes relating to the professional duties of a range of industries and professionals.

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How can Aptum help?

Aptum, its directors, and wider team have significant experience in a broad range of professional negligence claims involving financial advisers, auditors, accountants, lawyers and other professional advisors.

Through its experience, Aptum has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the critical issues affecting the scope of a professional’s duties, the difficulties associated with establishing how negligent advice has caused loss, and a proven ability to work with experts to ensure the best possible outcomes on loss assessment and valuations.

Aptum is a market leader in facilitating funding solutions to allow claimants to prosecute, or share the risk of prosecuting, professional negligence claims.

One of Aptum’s founding values is to provide greater transparency and certainty in the legal profession.  Across various industries, we are frequently engaged to investigate issues relating to fraud, breaches of duty of care, misleading advice, and negligent valuations.

What Makes Aptum Different

Specialist expertise

An exclusive focus on commercial and tax disputes.

Legal intelligence framework

Practical, ongoing risk assessment to focus on the essential.

Project management framework

Routine documented strategy through custom project management.

“As strangers to the Australian legal system, and indeed litigation funding, we probably weren’t the easiest guys to deal with. But Aptum made the process clear and there were no surprises.”

- Martin Fine (Director)

Case Study

An investor gets another chance to value their business

Problem: An investor in an early-stage business had been forced out through a compulsory share buyout in what presented as an undervalued share price, and came to Aptum to initiate a substantial professional negligence claim against the professional accounting firm who had conducted the business valuation.

Aptum’s role: Aptum reopened the valuation to provide our client with a voice in the process of determining the value of shares,

Outcome: Aptum worked closely with the client and a litigation funder to achieve a successful outcome within 12 months of issuing proceedings.

Aptum ensured the director recived a fair amount based on their interest in the business.

Select Team Members

Nigel Evans Managing Director
David Adason Associate Director
Emma Soulsby Practice and Projects Manager
Nikolas Kalcic Senior Associate

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