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The ATO and SRO are large revenue authorities comprising of different departments and teams, each with their own policies, practices and objectives.  In disputes with these authorities, it can be difficult to understand the different types of engagement options and products that may be available to you.

Before a dispute gets to the audit, objection or litigation stages, there are a range of opportunities to engage with the ATO or SRO to effectively influence the achievement of your objective.

Aptum’s tax disputes leaders worked at the ATO for over a decade.  We understand how revenue authorities work, how they make decisions in the early stages of disputes and the types of information required to make these decisions.

Aptum can help you gain clarity on your tax liability and avoid significant penalties by identifying the most effective pathways for engaging with the ATO and SRO.

We can do so on your behalf or work with your preferred accountant or tax agent.

How can Aptum help?

  • applying for a private ruling, which is a process to seek advice from the ATO or SRO as to their view on how the tax law applies to you, or to a proposed transaction
  • making a voluntary disclosure about a mistake, omission or claim in your tax return, or other information provided to the ATO or SRO
  • undertaking risk reviews, which are usually comprehensive or specific risk reviews conducted by revenue authorities to determine whether they should proceed to a full audit of your affairs
  • responding to an audit position paper
  • seeking remission of interest or penalties
  • applying for releasecompromise or waiver of your tax debt
  • seeking to defer or pay your tax debt by instalments
  • engaging in various engagement options that are client and process-specific, such as: Dispute Assist, In-House Facilitation, Independent Review and Early Engagement.

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Routine documented strategy through custom project management.

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