An award winning model with an unwavering focus on the most effective outcomes. Aligned with client goals.

Aptum pursues the most effective and predictable pathway to dispute resolution. We reject traditional approaches to modern problems. We reject the conflicting interests of a traditional client/lawyer relationship.

We have built a unique methodology and approach that enables an uncompromising focus on the critical issues that continually deliver winning outcomes. With client-first, challenger thinking, Aptum adopts technology, systems, and efficiencies to give clients control and confidence.

Our model is based on three foundational pillars which we apply to every aspect of our business.

  • Specialist expertise

    Aptum’s singular focus on medium-large scale commercial & taxation litigation is a critical point of difference.

    We don’t want to be everything to everybody. We want to be the best at what we do, and we’ve built our practice around that commitment.

    Our litigation-only model develops niche expertise, fosters excellence in our craft, and ensures the independence critical to effective dispute resolution.

  • Legal intelligence framework

    Aptum has developed a rigorous model for legal and commercial risk assessment of each dispute, which we apply across all our projects.

    We focus on investigating the key issues early so we can anticipate risks and develop mitigation strategies to navigate around them much sooner than our opponents. This underpins our focus on what is essential to realising our clients’ objectives.

    Our legal intelligence doesn’t stop at the technical legal elements of a dispute. It arms our clients with the information required to make confident and informed decisions based on strategic analyses of each party’s interests, factors affecting relevant authorities, and any important commercial considerations.

  • Project Management framework

    Litigation is like any other complex project – it requires intentional planning and management to deliver the best results.

    Aptum has developed our own bespoke project management framework, combining Agile, Lean and other traditional methodologies for an approach tailored to executing complex commercial and tax litigation.

    We apply this framework to every project, regardless of size or type, to ensure a consistent process for our clients that includes clear, documented strategy, routine communication, and objectives we are accountable to.

    Project management is not a bolt-on service at Aptum, it is a discipline embedded in every part of our practice.

What Our Clients Say About Aptum

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“As strangers to the Australian legal system, and indeed litigation funding, we probably weren’t the easiest guys to deal with. But Aptum made the process clear and there were no surprises.”

- Martin Fine (Director)

Case Study

An investor gets another chance to value their business

Problem: An investor in an early-stage business had been forced out through a compulsory share buyout in what presented as an undervalued share price, and came to Aptum to initiate a substantial professional negligence claim against the professional accounting firm who had conducted the business valuation.

Aptum’s role: Aptum reopened the valuation to provide our client with a voice in the process of determining the value of shares,

Outcome: Aptum worked closely with the client and a litigation funder to achieve a successful outcome within 12 months of issuing proceedings.

Aptum ensured the director recived a fair amount based on their interest in the business.


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