An unwavering focus
on winning outcomes.
Aligned with client goals.

Aptum pursues the most effective pathway to dispute resolution. We reject traditional approaches to modern problems. We reject the conflicting interests of a traditional client/lawyer relationship.

With client-first, challenger thinking Aptum adopts technology, systems, and efficiencies to give clients control and confidence. This transparent approach to client relationships ensures that our fee structure and investment in outcomes can continually provide a predictable path to resolution.


Undisputed performance

Aptum consistently positions its clients for the best possible outcome – and our clients speak to our performance


Aptum, its directors and wider team have established a reputation for consistently delivering positive outcomes for clients at all stages of a commercial dispute.   Free from the legacies and fixed mindsets of traditional practice, Aptum has built a unique methodology and approach that allows an uncompromising focus on the critical issues that deliver winning outcomes.  This undisputed performance is the result of adding value and clarity to every engagement.


Aptum has been recognised for its performance and approach, most recently winning Boutique Firm of the Year at the 2021 Australasian Law Awards, and being named as a Finalist for Innovator of the Year (Company) and NewLaw Firm of the Year at the 2021 Australian Law Awards.

Technology for purpose

Aptum is designed to position clients for the best possible outcome in the most effective way possible. We view innovation as a methodology for finding better ways to more effectively solve client problems. Technology is a critical tool in that process, it is not an end – though when combined with Aptum’s culture for finding better alternatives it creates a powerful combination.


Aptum applies technology from outside of the law to improve the experience for clients. Tools include the Jira project management platform, Power BI to help clients visualise critical data, and technology to enable collaboration with clients and broader professional teams.

Shared risk

Aptum’s expertise is identifying, assessing, and helping clients effectively manage, commercial litigation risk.  As experts, it is our view that we are best placed to manage many of the risks associated with commercial litigation. Our philosophy is to ensure we are always aligned with our client’s best interests by sharing the risks associated with the litigation process. Options range from value-based fixed pricing through to appropriate risk sharing aligned to agreed outcomes.

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