State Tax Disputes
(Land Tax, Stamp Duty)

Drawing on specialist knowledge of tax issues relating to property and land tax assessments to bring certainty to your tax position.

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State taxes catch many people by surprise

Whilst objections relating to federal taxes such as income tax or GST are common, there are also a growing array of state taxes that can catch landowners, property investors and property developers by surprise.

Aptum and its wider team has in-depth knowledge of valuation processes and factors used by the SRO to determine property and land tax assessments.

Our team has extensive experience working with the SRO to resolve a range of issues in land tax disputes, including: high valuations, failure to apply exemptions, incorrect attribution of ownership, and double stamp duty.

Aptum can help you gain certainty on your tax position in relation to your land holdings and any investments, such as property transactions or property developments. We provide strategic, practical advice, so you can make informed decisions about your business and investments.

How can Aptum help?

  • Land tax disputes (including valuation disputes, land tax exemptions and surcharges)
  • Land transfer (stamp duty)
  • Landholder duty disputes
  • advising on property taxes that may impact upon property developers and their particular developments (e.g. transfer duty, windfall gains tax on rezoned land, vacant residential land tax, growth areas infrastructure contribution)

What Makes Aptum Different

Specialist expertise

All we do is litigate complex commercial and tax disputes.

Legal intelligence framework

Practical, ongoing risk assessment to focus on the essential.

Project management framework

Routine documented strategy through custom project management.

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Tuan Van Le Practice Lead, Tax Disputes
David Vuong Associate
Josh Baravelli Senior Associate
Stephanie Wong Lawyer

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