Christine Turkington

Project Coordinator / Paralegal

Christine’s legal career began in South Africa, where she undertook her legal training and was admitted to the High Court of South Africa before relocating to Australia. Christine brings invaluable cross-jurisdictional experience and an international litigation perspective to Aptum as Paralegal/ Project Coordinator whilst she undergoes the process of obtaining her Australian practising certificate.

During her time as an articled clerk, Christine developed expertise in navigating South Africa’s litigation environment. Appearing regularly in the Magistrates’ Court (equivalent to the Federal Court of Australia), Christine honed her ability to present complex information clearly and persuasively. Having worked for several mid-sized litigation firms, Christine has exposure to a vast range of commercial disputes, giving her the agile critical analysis skills integral to finding pathways to resolution.

Christine values the pursuit of modernised approaches to litigation. With experience working within traditional and tech-forward approaches, Christine understands the importance of searching for efficiencies in the litigation process. In her capacity as a Paralegal, this includes leveraging systems to ensure all relevant information is captured and stored in a way that can be utilised whenever needed. Similarly, as a Project Coordinator, Christine has trained herself to always ask the question ‘then what?’ before moving forward, ensuring the team is always focused on the most important task for achieving a client’s objective.

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