Aptum’s Top 5 Articles of 2021

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  • December 22, 2021
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In 2021, the Aptum team has combined to produce content that aims to be transparent, objective and pragmatic for commercial people.

Our goal this year, as with any year, has been to provide value by helping you better understand litigation and its processes. We focus on how you can position yourself to achieve your legal and commercial objectives in both a cost and time effective way.

We are continuing with this approach as we look to improve access to information in the litigation space.

Here are our most popular blog posts of 2021.

1. How Long Does Litigation Take? A Guide to Understanding and Influencing Timing

When trying to understand how long litigation will take, how often have you heard a vague answer? ‘At least six months’ or ‘we’re in for the long haul’.

In this article, we introduce a simple model for understanding the timing of litigation, as well as dive deeper into the factors that can help you fast track resolution and minimise delays in the process.

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2. What To Expect in Litigation – 6 Simple Stages for Resolving Commercial Disputes

It is common to hear that how litigation will unfold depends entirely on the dispute. The irony in litigation is that almost every commercial dispute follows the same rhythm and requires the same steps.

In this article, Nigel Evans outlines 6 simple stages for resolving commercial disputes, empowering you to understand the role and purpose of each stage in terms of how it helps you realise your objectives.

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3. What Are My Chances of Winning in Litigation? Intuitive vs Constructed Prospects Advice

A lawyer’s analysis of your likelihood of winning a legal dispute is called prospects advice.

In this article, we compare two schools of prospects advice, considering what information is most important to guide your decision making.

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4. Strength, Power, Gender: Warped Perceptions in the Law (The story of David & Goliath)

What we think are strengths are often weaknesses. At times, the emotionally charged environment of litigation can allow unconscious biases to affect our decision making.

Through the lens of Malcolm Gladwell’s retelling of David & Goliath, we unpack some of the law’s false perceptions about what makes an effective lawyer.

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 5. How to Guide: The First Meeting with a Litigation Lawyer (What to Prepare, What to Expect, What to Learn)

When a dispute arises in your business, sometimes you need to move quickly to take legal action. But the decision of which lawyer to engage can be overwhelming.

In this article, we provide a framework for understanding what to look for in the first conversation with a lawyer, and how you can compare options to best position yourself for success.

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