Nigel Evans

+ Managing Director

Nigel – one of our founding directors – came to Aptum with 11 years experience at the Victorian Bar. Since founding Aptum, he has become the strategic and commercial core of our practice. This has seen Nigel named as a Finalist for Litigation Partner of the Year at the 2021 Partner of the Year Awards.

Having been at the forefront of complex commercial litigation, Nigel has seen firsthand how client outcomes are all too often subordinated to process and the need to fight every point, leading to poor outcomes for clients.

Through his extensive experience, Nigel has honed the ability to identify the issues that are critical to resolving a dispute and cut away the rest at the earliest stages of a proceeding. With Nigel’s leadership, Aptum has broken the traditional mould to cultivate a team with an unwavering focus on client outcomes and the client experience, and a commitment to the early development of practical and effective whole-of-litigation strategies to deliver those outcomes. Drawing on his extensive skills and background, Nigel guides that process for all of Aptum’s projects and provides the practical and realistic strategic leadership that is all too often missing in modern litigation.

Nigel’s experience and passion also makes him a formidable advocate in his own right, while at the same time displaying a deep sense of empathy and principle that allows him to modulate his approach as necessary to best suit the situation at hand – a trait that he works hard to instil in our entire team at Aptum.

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