Stephanie Wong


Stephanie’s taxation, financial services and administrative law experience gives her a panoramic view of the disputes landscape, having been a Senior Consultant at a big four accounting firm and an Associate to a Deputy President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) before joining Aptum as a Lawyer.

Stephanie has applied technical tax and strategic advice in a range of environments, from advising large financial institutions on the implications of regulatory changes following the Banking Royal Commission, to volunteering experience helping vulnerable taxpayers navigate tax-related concerns. In any setting, Stephanie believes in an approach to dispute resolution that prioritises clarity and simplicity for clients.

Being skilled in legislative interpretation and evaluation of policy, Stephanie consistently demonstrates an ability to disentangle intricate legal issues. Equally, Stephanie’s familiarity with the inner workings of the AAT and its decision-making processes enables her to help clients navigate procedural obstacles with ease.

With an established knowledge base of how tax disputes are determined, and what factors influence their success, Stephanie is continuing to develop her commercial and tax litigation practise at Aptum.

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