David Adason

+ Head of Innovation, Senior Lawyer

David has substantial commercial litigation experience, having solely practised in the area for the span of his career, including serving as Associate to a Justice of the Federal Court.

David has a unique curiosity that drives him to always search for better alternatives to the old ways of doing things – drawing inspiration from both within and outside the legal profession. He also has the mental agility to be able to pivot from the big picture to the absolute minutiae and back again without losing sight of either.

Because of this, David has played a central role in the architecture of Aptum’s approach and processes, most notably our bespoke project management framework through which we run all of our projects.

He also plays an equally central role in developing our approach in each project to ensure that we are always finding better ways – through technology, process and overall approach –  to create client value and enhance the client experience.

David is also a practising Senior Lawyer at Aptum. The logical and analytical mind at work in his innovation role makes him equally adept at breaking down complex legal issues into their component parts, able to provide forensic and targeted assessments of legal risk for our clients.

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