Yan Liu


Yan hasn’t taken the traditional route to becoming a lawyer.  With a background in science, Yan moved to Australia from China to pursue a career in the law and achieved the ‘Most Outstanding Student’ award in her Bachelor of Laws (Honours) – inspired to excel by her parents who never received a formal education.  With experience in the litigation teams of top and mid-tier national and Melbourne firms, Yan’s enthusiasm for litigation led her to join Aptum.

Yan’s strength in complex disputes follows from her impetus for embracing challenges.  Yan thrives in going deep into legal research, excavating the details that make the difference in disputes.  To achieve the most effective outcomes, Yan believes it is a vital skill to recognise what you don’t know – paving way for the real value a lawyer provides – the knowing of where to look.

Yan’s mentality of striving for excellence and doing things differently aligns with Aptum’s ambition for evolving outdated industry practices. Through the litigation process, Yan believes in keeping client objectives as the utmost priority, culminating in the ultimate reward of helping clients solve the most difficult legal issues.

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