We are commercial litigation specialists.

We started Aptum to give clients a better experience and to improve the working environment for lawyers by constantly adapting to new thinking, new technologies, and methods and processes that have proven successful in other industries.

What we know to be certain is the traditional way of providing legal services is failing. In commercial litigation in particular, it is failing to provide high-quality service that delivers commercial outcomes. The traditional way rewards inefficiency, stifles creativity and innovation, focusses on process over outcomes and alienates even the most sophisticated clients.

"...in looking 25 years ahead from now… it would be absurd to expect lawyers and courts to carry on operating as they do now." - Richard Susskind, Tomorrow's Lawyers, 2013.

Significant change is not only inevitable, it is happening now. It’s absurd to continue to accept discontent with the traditional way when lawyers have available the means to ensure clients receive a better experience. It’s time to adapt to a new, innovative approach.

We know, however, that you can't create a better experience for clients without improving the working environment for lawyers.

You can't create an inspiring, creative environment when you value the time a person spends rather than the quality and effectiveness of their contribution. Great work comes from lawyers who feel respected and valued for their contribution.

So, this is how we have set out to do it.

Exceptional advice.
Innovative approach.