David Vuong


David is a technical tax specialist with more than five years’ experience in complex tax advisory, disputes and litigation.  David has been a technical research assistant to barristers at the Victorian Bar, a tax lawyer at a national law firm, and a senior tax lawyer at a Big 4 law firm, all before joining Aptum.

Through his experience as a technical tax advisor, David is highly skilled at working through a client’s set of circumstances to determine the tax consequences and the information of interest to the ATO.  No matter the dispute, having dealt with complex tax issues throughout his career, David has refined an ability to decipher the crucial issues.

David earned his Juris Doctor and Master of Laws (taxation law) from the University of Melbourne, where he is also a Senior Fellow lecturing in the subject Taxation of Business and Investment Income.  David began his tertiary education in science, developing the foundation of asking the right questions and applying a methodical approach to evidence that is pertinent to his approach to tax litigation today.

David values integrity as one of the fundamental pillars of the legal profession.  David is committed to providing his clients with frank and honest assessments – a key ingredient in trusting and effective lawyer-client relationships.   

David is a Fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia, ensuring he remains up to date with all the latest knowledge and issues in the tax disputes landscape.

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