Stephanie Slade

Law Graduate

Stephanie has diverse early legal career experience, with a strong foundation in practice. Prior to joining Aptum as a Law Graduate, Stephanie worked at the South Australian Attorney-General’s Department in the Victims of Crime unit and as a Paralegal in the Legal and Legislative Services branch. She then progressed to the Australian Government Solicitor as a Law Clerk, gaining valuable exposure to complex disputes in their civil claims division.

Stephanie’s experience contributing to legislative reform and drafting Ministerial submissions enabled her to hone her technical writing skills: the pathway to clear thinking that is critical to the precise execution of legal strategies. A skilled legal researcher, Stephanie knows where to find key information and – with the dual perspective of having advocated for parties initiating and defending legal action – how to persuasively frame positions.

Having worked closely with victims of crime, as well as in litigation relating to immigration, Stephanie understands the gravity of legal disputes in people’s lives, and the importance of empathy in a lawyer’s role as a trusted partner in sensitive matters.

Stephanie joined Aptum to advance her litigation capabilities and to work directly with clients in an environment geared towards finding the most constructive and effective process for complex disputes.

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