Tracey Evans

+ Chief Financial Officer

Tracey has a speciality in helping businesses achieve optimal performance and growth.  Having led finance and operations across small and large businesses in the professional services, manufacturing, digital media and advertising sectors for more than 20 years, Tracey is an accomplished business leader and advisor.

Tracey’s extensive background in policy, process and system development enables her to analyse and comprehensively understand business operations, and provide strategic direction to Aptum’s board.  In supporting Aptum to achieve its purpose to become Australia’s leading litigation-only practice, Tracey believes in the importance of fostering collaboration and a shared discipline around the small actions that create broader business success.

With a combination of highly developed finance and accounting skills, Tracey offers valuable insight through financial statement analysis and interpretation, and supports the development of achievable budgets and realistic forecasts.  Through which, Tracey provides evidence-based insights into the likely challenges, costs and timeframes Aptum’s lawyers will face in helping clients achieve their objectives and effectively resolve their disputes.

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