Joshua Smithe

Marketing Consultant

Josh guides the voice of Aptum’s story.   As a Marketing Consultant trained in both marketing and screenwriting, and with a background in law, Josh brings a unique perspective to helping Aptum and its team share their vision and expertise.

Josh finds the most effective marketing to be the most thoughtful – that which best enables others to derive genuine value.  This philosophy matches Aptum’s ambition to create a different narrative around what it means to be a law firm, one that is bold in its openness and transparency with clients.

The ideas Josh has developed with Aptum’s leadership have helped the firm cultivate a reputation as a trailblazing boutique, for which it has received numerous industry awards and earned a place in the world’s leading legal directory.

Leading and executing the marketing strategy, Josh manages all things content from behind the camera and in the various other forms of branded media produced by the Aptum team.

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