Nikolas Kalcic

Senior Associate

Since being admitted in 2017, Nik’s experience in litigation and dispute resolution has traversed various administrative tribunals, the County Court, the Federal Court and the Supreme Court, and industries such as transport, construction, education and professional services.

Being able to form trusting relationships quickly is perhaps Nik’s most important quality as a lawyer.  Having a foundation of open communication with clients and other key stakeholders allows Nik to understand and convey the most essential information to help clients make key decisions which, in litigation, is crucial to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Nik’s expertise in litigation is bolstered by a passion for the mechanics of the law.  He is motivated by the depth of legal knowledge required to develop formidable litigation strategy, craft novel arguments, and think outside the box to find creative solutions.  For this reason, Nik enjoys staying up to date with the latest judgments, policy issues, and legal news affecting commercial clients.

A driver for Nik in joining Aptum was to challenge old thinking in litigation.  A practical thinker, Nik resonates with Aptum’s approach to a deep and continuous focus on a client’s problem and business landscape to ensure the most commercial pathway to resolution, with certainty and transparency at the forefront.

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