Sofia Pichardo


After starting her career as an insolvency accountant, Sofia spent three years as a litigation and insolvency lawyer before joining Aptum.    
Through her foundation of accountancy, Sofia has a practical sense for the impact of disputes on the lives of clients and their businesses.  This encourages Sofia to consider both current, and future financial risks, as well as any emotional strain when helping clients make key decisions. 
As a lawyer, Sofia has a strong commercial mindset, having worked with countless barristers, directors, shareholders, liquidators and creditors throughout her career, both within Australia and internationally Being fluent in financial reports, as well as Spanish, Sofia can speak the language of a variety of commercial people.  
Sofia prioritises empathy and compassion in her dealings with clients and opposing parties, with a firm view that the avoidance of unnecessary conflict helps clients cut through the noise in litigationSofia is also a current member of ‘Women in Insolvency and Restructuring Victoria, a not-for-profit organisation connecting and empowering women in insolvency and related fields.

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